Saturday, March 29, 2008

to all my friends

Remember the first time you drank liquor? If you were anything like me, you sampled something from your parent's 'special' cabient. But since my parents don't drink I was at a complete loss for what to do with the bottles I came across. Plus, all I had to choose from was a random assortment of things they'd received as gifts- things you're supposed to mix with Other things to make a proper drink. Amaretto vs Bailey's.
My bottle for experimentation was choosen like amatuers choose wine; based on which label looked the best. Just pour a tall glass and see what you think.. And how was I supposed to know that putting ice in it would help things? And that mixing in a second liqour with the first would not improve the taste, but the exact opposite while simultaneously doubling the amount. Same thing goes for trying to add coke on top of it all.

I'm lucky I found myself later in life befriended by the howling energy and rushing optimism at 608 Meldrum. Besides experiencing life and friendship on levels that would be cheapend by trying to write about them here, I learned about how to drink to the highest of my abilities and beyond.

But it wasn't until we were living in the MCC that we discovered that it was possible to push the booze to mixer ratio far beyond our usual 70/30 or 80/20 ratio and easily into the 90/10 and even 95/5 range while still drinking something that tastes basically like the pure sweet goodness of pineapple juice and not like a viscious reminder that drinking booze at that level of concentration is rarely redeemable.

'The Gay Sailor'. Or maybe a 'Rooster Tail'. Do you know what I'm talking about?