Saturday, April 5, 2008

dipping his pen in the company ink..

What did I do today?
I woke up early and met the people who own this van..

Since the ol' Honda is on the way out, I've been looking for something to get around in once it's gone, and earlier this week I noticed the for sale sign in this van. 1500 bucks. And it's only got 140,000 miles on it.
I wanted it. Have been imagining it being mine all week. Have been going over the steps of making it mine. But finally, after sleeping on it this last night, I knew it would be fun at first, but become a fucking nightmarish money pit soon enough.
But, I kept the 10:30 am appointment to test drive it anyway.

And for 45 wonderful minutes this morning the van really was mine. I drove straight out of town, and let my ears fill with the relaxing sounds of some classical am station, mixed with the muffled rattle of the engine beneath the floor in the back. I filled my eyes with the blur of rainy acres of pasture land passing me by and the foggy dark outlines of trees on the hills, all more real and immediate through the giant front windshield and the seat, right up front, leading the way to wherever. I fell immediately into a trance. For a little while, I wasn't pretending. I had all the senses of being in a life far away and totally unconnected. Peacefully traveling to new places unknown. Totally free.

"And everyday is Saturday my friend
Go to sleep wake up
yo! its Saturday again!"