Thursday, April 17, 2008

in the future when all's well

Today was a pretty sad day in that I discovered the polaroid camera I just bought got broken somehow. I live like a hermit in the middle of nowhere and only occasionally get drunk by myself, so I have no idea how I could have broken the damn thing. It was dope too. It looked like this:

and as you can see, the thing sort of folded down onto itself.. What was so cool about it (aside from it oozing style..) was that you can/could actually focus the lens, either automatically or manually, which made the photos come out super sharp, and on exactly What you wanted to be sharp, instead of the usual crap-shoot with the standard polaroid cameras.. Plus I scored the damn thing off craigslist for a song, while they're going for 1-2 hundo on ebay.. Crap.
and it's kinda like two bummers in one, since They Are Not Making Polaroid Film Anymore and I'd intended to shoot a ton of it with this thing while it's still only 16 dollars a fucking pack,(i know, it's already insane.. just wait 1 year from now and check polaroid film prices on ebay..) and I still will, but it looks like I'm back to the crapshoot just like everyone else..

Anyway, shoot it while you got the chance. There's nothing like polaroid film.

Another thing.. Ryan McGinley's photos are amazing. Go look at them.