Tuesday, May 27, 2008

don't be afraid, you have just got your eyes closed

I went to a frat house on Thursday with two dudes from my calculus class and played beer pong. Neither of them are actually old enough to buy beer though, so I had to.

This was from last weekend. Dana threw a going-away party for her boyfriend Paul- who it turns out, is a really good guy, and who stands uncontested as the only person I've ever met who has consistantly called me "Al".

This was this Friday, when he actually left. He's going to fight forrest fires this summer.

As for myself, I did very little this weekend, which was incredible. I lounged at home, drank cups and cups of coffee, read books, rode bikes, and in general, LAMPED IT in the euphoric bliss that I have come to know as the Absence of my two roommates. I move out in 3 weeks, and I can't name a thing on this earth I'm more excited for than that.
Here they are, in case you've been wondering. The tallest one is Rhonda, and Mel is the one on the end in the grey dress. They might look like nice people to you, I don't know. Or maybe not. It might be perfectly plain to you when looking at this picture that they're complete psychos.
Oh well. As they say, there's always free cheese in a mousetrap.