Sunday, July 6, 2008

and now it's morning, we are the sleepyheads

This is where I parted ways with the Willy PJ and Schyler.

Back at my apt, I'm taking care of 2 parakeets.

I randomly called Scoot and found out that he and Erin were in Portland over the weekend for a wedding. What if I hadn't called you, bro?

We hung out with one of Erin's best friends from back in Portland, also named Erin.

And Erin's sister Mary.

That's Mary's boyfriend Matt too, in the D train shirt. Sorry all the photos look so shitty.. Obviously they're poor to start with, but on top of that I also just got a new slide scanner which I can't seem to figure out.

Scoot's now obsessed with turntables.
We went for a walk as the sun started to come up.


slept on a pool table in the yard.