Friday, November 21, 2008

Landing Under Water, I See Roots

This is a snapshot from the Pacific City webcam yesterday evening. I don't know why I signed on to check the webcam so late in the evening. I don't know why some of the colors of the Pelican Brewery or of the sky were rendered in the way they were. And I don't know who is responsible for running the webcam in that location, because it's position is not fixed. The camera angle is often changed numerous times throught the day, and sometimes even zoomed in to highlight the quality of the waves or lack thereof. Who is the person behind it? All of these unknowns make the image more meaningful for me somehow. I guess I like liking things both because of and despite unknowns beyond explaination. That, and it's simply a beautiful image.

All the things we hide in water
hoping we won't see them go—
(forests growing under water
press against the ones we know)—

and they might have gone on growing
and they might now breathe above
everything I speak of sowing
(everything I try to love).

-Annie Finch