Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the roof only leaked when it rained

"I wake in her bed, she crawls over me wet from the shower, kissing and giggling. I leave her at work, kiss her on the steps, I climb on a bus. I break the pill in half, I fall asleep. I dream of galaxies and solar systems. I dream of mile markers and tress passing by and of kings living on hills. I wake up in parking lots and sit under trees. I buy coffee and smoke cigarettes. I eat the other half. No one on this bus knows the secret but they don't exist. I walk through empty seats and squeeze back into mine. The older woman falls asleep next to me and presses her massive breast against my arm. I lay my head back. I fall asleep again. I wake in Portsmouth, I buy a cup of coffee, I walk through the town, desolate. I find a car with a key on the tire. I drive north, along the water and then up in to the wilderness. The trees begin to shrink on the roadside and then they grow tall again. I find the lamb kings awake in the woods and lay my head down on the porch over the water to sleep."

Please go check out the website: Mikael He is selling books of his polaroids that are signed and numbered for only 30 or 40 dollars. I thought about how ridiculously cheap that was compared to how amazing the images are, and how much it must mean for an artist to sell works when the economy is this f'd, and bought one on the spot.