Sunday, January 15, 2012


It was good while it lasted. I had my Canon S80 digital camera for more than three years, which is an exceptionally long lifespan for any electronic device in my unsympathetic hands. But it held in there for quite a while and took both some great photos and an absurd amount of abuse. When it finally stopped working over the summer, out of curiosity I completely disassembled it. The internals are fascinating, but what was particularly interesting was the front lens element. I discovered that it was exaggeratedly concave, and when held up in front of the New digital camera I bought, it acted just like a fisheye lens. So, when school started up last week I went down and used the lathe in the machine shop to make a small lens adapter that slides onto my camera. And now I have rough fisheye attachment..

This is my friend Alex, who's also in the ME program with me. He's a Datsun 510 Fanatic and an incredibly generous source of help and information to anything car related. Talks are currently in progress for some possible van body work..