Monday, March 10, 2008

forget about your house of cards

Ups and downs.. Certainly more than I can count. What do you remember about any of them? There's probably a hell of a lot of moments you swore you'd never forget that you've forgotten.
I don't care for foretting. But not neccesarily a particular moment, but clarity itself. The way everything can suddenly come together and make sense. When you work hard, and, or, are lucky. When you gain, when you loose, and you understand why. Or if you don't understand, you know that understanding doesn't matter.
It's all a thousand variables that are changing by the moment, the environment and time.
So, inevitably, the clarity fades and we sink back into the wash. So it's good to surround yourself with reminders- ways to do the sense making for your brain when it's led astray.
So, in the theme of rambling, of trying, of investigating what language and i might be able to accomplish together, and of simultaneously attempting both find and make things that matter, you and i have both arrived here. Selah.