Monday, March 10, 2008

if all else fails

This patch is part of a large random quilt that hangs on the wall of the health center on my campus.
I've stood and stared at it a good number of times, like you do at art museums, considering possibilities and allowing details and interpretations to present themselves to you.

It reminds me of something crutial that an old photography mentor told me when I was struggling. "Leave room for other people in your art", she said. Think about that. It makes a shitload of sense. Don't tell me the answer, let me find it on my own, if there even is one to be found.. Just give me your suggestion of a hint, which you yourself don't fully understand and i'll see how it can make sense over time.

You want to know it, but can't pin it down.. it's like balancing on the tip of falling in love forever..

(side bonus too, to all those that know the song of the same name by My Morning Jacket)

I was in the health center because I thought I might have broken my thumb 3 months ago playing bike polo. For 3 months I didn't think it was broken, but since I still can't really use it after 3 months have passed, I thought maybe something was wrong.I went in today, and got X-rays. And it's not broken.