Monday, April 14, 2008

fourth time around

Do you know these people?

They work a Lot. They don't throw parties. They don't go out much, and when they do it's usually to the woods. They've been living in the same small house on a quiet island in the Northwest for the last 28 years. Don't feel bad if you haven't seen them with your own eyes.. Coming across these unique creatures in person is rare indeed.

I, however, by some bizzare stroke of fate, have been running into them my entire life. In fact, I can't recall very many moments, especailly when I was younger, when I wasn't exposed to their presence constantly. Can you imagine?

Sightings have become less fequent over the years however, even for me, and I must honestly say that while their presence was at first burdensome, it has now become strangely missed. So I do consider it my good fortune that they wandered out of their normal habitat for part of this past weekend and spent some time with me here in OR. They took it easy, just scoped out the town, ate some big meals and caught up on missed convos.

People say that youth is foolish becuase it doesn't recognize what it has, or the real possibility of losing it. This may be true, but I'm more interested in finding out exactly when and why we suddenly do understand. I can't pin it down myself, can't specify a day, but as foolish and reckless as I still choose to be with my own life, I know full well how lucky I am for the kind of visit I was just graced with.