Wednesday, April 22, 2009

we would give anything for what we have

Nate spent the summer of 2003 in a tiny town somewhere in northern Japan, but stopped in Paris on the way to visit me and do a bit a traveling together. In the months leading up to this I'd already managed to destroy one camera, and a second one was soon to follow shortly after he arrived. So the days we lounged around Lake Como, the chaotic G8 summit we marched against in Geneva, the week we slept on beaches and hitch-hiked around Corsica and an endless slew of other epic adventures during that two week visit can't be recounted in photos but only by either Nate or myself when we've had a few too many brews or are otherwise feeling overly nostalgic. Which in a way, for stuff like that, seems more appropriate anyway.

I've got a couple photos from when he first arrived though. This is a game we played while waiting for the bus one day called 'throw an almond as high as you can and see if you can still catch it in your mouth'

Although the name would suggest otherwise, the Lizard Lounge is one of the best bars in Paris and we spent plenty of afternoons here. I have Clayton to thank for this one. It's never crowded nor ever completely empty, and has the most comfortable atmosphere of possibly any bar I've ever been in. You can spend hours there, reading or just hanging out, drinking good coffee or demi-litres of Heineken or 1664, and eating their grilled sandwiches and fresh salads when lunch or dinner rolls around.

Of course Nate insisted we see all the typical tourist spots..