Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I still believe in the phrases that we breathed

Details are unimportant, but in general, I took some time off, some stuff changed, other stuff changed a lot, then I took a look back at all these posts and realized missed doing this blog, so now I'm back. That's it.
Here's the most recent rolls of film I've developed/scanned. These are from the early and late spring of 2011.

Chi Chi beach in NW Washington.

In March my friend Tyson came down from Bellingham to visit.

Kimmy was visiting from Vermont at the time and drove down with him.

This is a cool little property just outside of Corvallis where my friend John used to live. The property's owned by a cranky old man who's a bit of a hoarder. He kept a huge garden and had a grove of fig trees, but also piles of cars, rusting farming equipment, and rotting sheds full of the most random stuff imaginable.


My friend had a half dozen sheep that he was raising.