Saturday, March 15, 2008

moment of inertia

I'd like to take a moment to recognize Einstein. It was his birthday until about half an hour ago. Not a lot to say, against the tomes about him which have already been written, and in addition, I certainly haven't even come to close to scratching the surface of his insights. But, there are two main things i'd like to emphasise for consideration: 1. What are we capable of in our lives?

This person explained our experience of reality.

I could stop there. And I think it is good to reread that sentence about 20 times and consider it extensively. But further, for me, its a constant reminder to get up early each morning to see how much I can make of each day. Defining reality, no. But things beyond what I can currently imagine, yes.

2. Ever feel sick with life? Do the highways you drive on, the stores that line them, and the repetition of everything around you often give you The Fear? Read a single chapter of his revised theory of gravitation. A few pages about relativity. Find out, or remind yourself that what is going on around us and to us is infinitely more exciting and incomprehensible than the drugery we allow ourselves to slide into in our day to day.

Time isn't even real.
Time isn't even real. Relative.

"But that doesn't mean we get to ignore it" some lame ass will say.
That's fine. I'm not asking you to. I'm just being thankful to Einstein for showing me the light that our reality is far more interesting than our natural senses can percieve. It's like an idea-drug that causes excitement all throughout my body.

Happy birthday Albert.,